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Image by Carl Raw
About Us

An indie game publisher based in New York City with teams in Shanghai, Tokyo and Taipei, we work on behalf of our studio partners to execute a comprehensive publishing strategy so they can focus on creating genre-defining games.

Our Team

Our team has 40+ years of game live-ops and business experience in AAA game publishing in China.  We apply best practices and resources used to publish the largest game IPs, hit franchises and AAA MMOs to your game.

Our Marketing team is made up of creators with 10 years of experience on Twitch. We assess trends and connect developers with the right creators to showcase their games.

  • Distribution on PC, console, cloud and mobile platforms

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Community, social, and event management

  • Local market partnerships

  • China government approvals and game ratings

  • Customer support

  • Localization and localization QA

  • And more

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